Reaching a large spectrum of sucking pest and a diverse range of crops

Meeting the diverse safety needs of modern agriculture

Making day-to-day farm management more successful and convenient

Crops & Pests

Excellent control of key adult and immature sucking pests

SIVANTO® prime is a systemic insecticide that is flexible in application and highly target-selective against a broad range of sucking pests, such as aphids, hoppers and whiteflies. It is also successfully effective against mealybugs, leaf miners, soft scales, citrus pysllids as well as some weevils, thrips and beetles.

Green peach aphids

Green peach aphids

Silverleaf whiteflies

Silverleaf whiteflies

Grapevine leafhopper

Grapevine leafhoppers

Cocoa mirids

Cocoa mirids (symptoms)

Pear sucker

Pear suckers

Potato psyllids

Potato psyllids

Lygus bug

Lygus bugs

Rosy apple aphids

Rosy apple aphids

Citrus thrips

Citrus thrips (symptoms)

Coffee leaf miners

Coffee leaf miners

Offering protection to a wide variety of broadacre crops


Whiteflies (Bemisia tabaci, B. argentifolii & Trialeurodes vaporariorum), aphids (Myzus persicae, Nasonovia ribisnigri), potato psyllids (Bactericera cockerelli)


Aphids (Dysaphis plantaginea, Aphis pomi), scales (Quadraspidiotus perniciosus), psyllids (Psylla piri)


Asian citrus psyllids (Diaphorina citri), citricola scales (Coccus pseudomagnoliarum), thrips (Scirtothrips citri)


Leafhoppers (Empoasca vitis; Scaphoideus titanus, Erythroneura sp), grapevine mealybugs (Planococcus ficus)


Cotton aphids (Aphis gossypii), lygus bugs (Lygus spp.)


Coffee leaf miners (Leucoptera coffeella)


Cocoa mirids (Distantiella theobroma, Sahlbergella singularis)

Safety Profile

Our strong safety profile allows us to control severe sucking pests while staying mindful of the environment. SIVANTO® prime’s protective measures include strong and quick efficacy providing effective virus vector control, flexibility in the method and timing of application, and an important tools for resistance management of selected pests. SIVANTO® prime is highly selective and affects neither the quality of the crop nor of the harvest, thus ensuring greater safety in agriculture and sustainable farm management.

Non-hazardous for humans and mammals

SIVANTO® prime's active ingredient (flupyradifurone) has low acute toxicity when exposed through ingestion, inhalation, and dermal absorption. It is only slightly irritating to the eyes and is not a skin irritant. According to all scientific data currently available, the agricultural use of flupyradifurone does not pose a cancer risk to humans.

No adverse effects on honey bees, and bumblebees

SIVANTO® prime has been tested in laboratory and extensive semi-field and field studies using crops that are highly attractive to bees. Acute and chronic laboratory studies show that it has a low intrinsic toxicity to adult and immature honey bees. When applied at proposed label rates, SIVANTO® prime presents no adverse effects honey bees - even when applied to flowering crops.

Studies indicate that SIVANTO® prime has no adverse effects on foraging honey bees, foraging activity, brood and colony development, hive vitality and honey bee health or on over-wintering colonies when used in accordance with the proposed label instructions.

Based on the recommended field rates and positioning of SIVANTO® prime, the results show that the compound is selective to most beneficials in fruit and outdoor grown vegetable crops.

Ecotoxicological profile

The intrinsic toxicity of SIVANTO® prime‘s active ingredient was evaluated on a broad range of indicator species under worst-case exposure scenarios. The results found that there are no adverse effects on non-target arthropod populations when it is used under practical conditions in the field.

Our case studies

Here's the first look at SIVANTO® prime's many benefits in versatile conditions. We asked agricultural professionals to test SIVANTO® prime on a variety of crops and they were more than impressed with the results. Our detailed case studies illustrate representatively how SIVANTO® prime has tested in the field.


Fruits: Pome fruits

Solving apple and pear problems for growers in Belgium

Rosy apple aphids and pear suckers remain a major concern for pome fruit growers in Belgium. SIVANTO® prime is highly effective in protecting pome fruits against these pests, which are responsible for significant damage and quality issues each year.

Luk de Maeyer - Bayer Belgium, Agronomic Development Horticulture

"SIVANTO® prime controls pear suckers at flowering perfectly. It’s really a major step for maximal fruit quality at harvest! During the development of SIVANTO® prime we appreciated the consistency and the excellent performance in all the trials on rosy apple aphid. The long-lastingness of this pre-flowering application was absolutely striking! Rhopalosiphum insertum aphids were additionally controlled. A post-flower application also controls Aphis pomi and Aphis spiraecola, and showed useful side effects on Eriosoma."

Efficacy on Psylla pyri

Number of larvae, Ransberg/Belgium, 2010

Efficacy on Dysaphis plantaginea

Number of aphids, Sint-Truiden, 2011

SIVANTO® prime outperforms market standards and shows excellent long lasting efficacy against pear sucker (Psylla pyri).


Fruits: Citrus

Presenting a new tool for sustainable, effective citrus production

With the invasion of citrus greening disease into Brazil, the United States and other major citrus production areas, the survival of the citrus industry in the Americas is at risk. So far, there is no cure for citrus greening, a disease caused by a bacterium named Candidatus liberibacter which is transmitted by the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) Diaphorina citri as vector.

Fighting psyllids is still an enormous task; citrus greening continues to spread further and losses due to the disease are increasing. Available ACP control options, especially during blooming, are limited and only marginally effective. SIVANTO® prime successfully fills this gap with fast feeding cessation that minimizes the probing of target pest and thus reduces the risk of virus and bacteria transmission.

Efficacy on Diaphorina citri

Winter Garden/FL, USA, number of adults/sweep, 2013

Efficacy on Coccus pseudomagnoliarum

Tulare/CA, USA, number of nymphs/10 leaves, 2012

Frequency of Asian citrus psyllid adults feeding phases

(measured by EPG** technique)

SIVANTO® prime minimizes the probing of target pest (fast feeding cessation), and thus reduces the risk of virus and bacteria transmission.


Vegetables: Melon

Controlling whiteflies and CYSDV in Western melons

A major concern for cantaloupe melons is the difficult-to-control whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) and the damage caused by the Cucurbit Yellow Stunting Disorder Virus (CYSDV) it transmits. SIVANTO® prime directly manages the problem of both whiteflies and CYSDV while allowing production of cantaloupe melon to thrive.

John Palumbo

Dr. John Palumbo - University of Arizona, USA

"Among the newer active ingredients recently developed for whitefly and CYSDV management (e.g., Cyazypyr, sulfoxaflor), SIVANTO® prime is clearly the most effective and has the best fit in desert melon IPM programs. In experimental trials conducted over the past five years, soil at-planting applications of SIVANTO® prime have provided excellent residual control of immatures and adults. When used in conjunction with a foliar spray program, these applications have provided as good as or significantly better reductions in the incidence of CYSDV on fall melons than the industry standard."

Efficacy on Bemisia tabaci

Number of virus-infected plants, Yuma/AR, USA, 2013

SIVANTO® prime shows excellent and fast control of whiteflies in Western melons thus reducing the number of virus-infected plants stronger than industry competitors providing more marketable fruits.

Vegetables: Tomato


Higher share of marketable tomatoes due to SIVANTO® prime’s rapid control of virus vector transmission in Mexico

Whiteflies and aphids are major pests on tomatoes that transmit several viruses and permanent yellowing diseases. SIVANTO® prime applied to foliage provides rapid knockdown of whiteflies and potato psyllid adults. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated in various trials that when SIVANTO® prime (400g a.i./ha) is applied as a drench after transplanting, a lower number of plants with diseases transmitted by sucking pests is observed. And in addition, more tomatoes with overall fruit quality are harvested, as well.

J.A. Garzòn

Dr. José Antonio Garzon - Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, Mexico

"I've had a higher yield and better fruit quality at harvest since using SIVANTO® prime. Many colleagues have asked me many times what I have applied to my tomatoes"

Efficacy on virus infection

% virus infected plants

Tomato trial site in Sinaloa, Mexico

Trial set-up: Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLCV, transmitted by whiteflies), comparison of SIVANTO® prime with neonicotinoid insecticides; data generated 2012 by Dr. José Antonio Garzon, Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, Mexico

Higher share of marketable tomatoes due to SIVANTO® prime’s rapid control of whiteflies as virus vectors in tomatoes.


Plantation: Coffee

Excellent control of coffee leaf miners through versatile application methods

The coffee leaf miner (Leucoptera coffeella) makes its home in coffee trees. Digging into the leaves, this pest creates large brown spots. Rubbing and bending an infested leaf will break it apart and often expose the presence of tiny larval miners. Leaves damaged by this pest typically die and drop off the tree early, impacting the tree’s ability to produce coffee beans. SIVANTO® prime is used not only as a foliar treatment but also as a soil application in order to maximize its long-lasting efficacy against coffee leaf miner.

Rodolfo San Juan, Elias Tapia, Francisco Lozano

Rodolfo San Juan, Elias Tapia, Francisco Lozano - Bayer Brazil, Agronomic Development

"SIVANTO® prime is a flexible compound which does not create any effects on predatory mites and is selective to beneficals in coffee. It is an excellent tool for integrated programs in alternation with other compounds. Besides its efficacy, we have observed an outstanding vigor-enhancing effect, especially in young plantings, giving significant growth promotion, and with that, an earlier harvest of the crop. Other products used in coffee often cause mites to flare up. We have not seen this effect with SIVANTO® prime."

Soil efficacy on Leucoptera coffeela

Mined leaf %, Araguari/Brazil, 2012

Foliar efficacy on Leucoptera coffeela

Mined leaf %, Ituverava/Brazil, 2013

Both application methods of SIVANTO® prime, as foliar sprays or soil drenches are providing excellent efficacy against coffee leaf miner and adequate lastingness comparable with standards currently in the market.