A novel way to farm for more rewarding results.

A new standard for sucking pest control

Environmental responsibility

A modern insecticide with an excellent safety profile for the control of major sucking pests.

Non-hazardous to honey bees and bumblebees

Allowing wide application windows and treatments during flowering.


Its selectivity to most beneficials in fruit and outdoor grown vegetable crops provides a perfect fit for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.


Fast activity and quick feeding cessation provides effective virus vector control.


The unique butenolide chemistry even allows applications against selected neonicotinoid-resistant pest populations.


Favorable crop safety and applications at any crop stage give full flexibility in optimizing successful and easy farm management.

Product profile

Active ingredient Flupyradifurone
Chemical class Butenolide
Brand name SIVANTO® prime
Formulation SL 200 | Soluble Liquid
FS 480 | Flowable concentrate for seed treatment
Mode of action Agonist of the insect nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR)
IRAC classification Group 4D
Crops Vegetables, fruits incl. grapes, citrus and plantation crops (coffee, cocoa), as well as cotton, soybean (seed treatment)
Key pests Aphids, whiteflies and psyllids, selected hoppers, scales, beetles mirids, leaf miners
Sivanto Product Profile

Inspired by nature

Innovative pest control derived from nature for gentle usage

The creation of flupyradifurone was inspired by the natural compound stemofoline – an isolate from Stemona japonica, a medicinal plant that grows mainly in South-East Asia. Stemofoline is an alkaloid with exciting insecticidal properties. For decades, scientists around the world have tried using this knowledge to develop a commercial crop protection but have failed in their attempts.

Bayer's research scientists have now succeeded in identifying which part of this complex natural product is responsible for its insecticidal action: the butenolide pharmacophore system addressing the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) in targeted pests. By combining it with two other chemical fragments, the scientists discovered that the efficacy and selectivity of the active ingredient could be significantly improved.

Registration Status

SIVANTO® prime has obtained registrations in around 30 countries in all regions around the globe.
Further registrations are expected soon.

Inspired by nature

Stemona japonica

Spectrum of SIVANTO® prime

Reaching a large spectrum of sucking pest and a diverse range of crops

SIVANTO® prime is a systemic insecticide that is flexible in application and offers excellent control of key adult and immature sucking pests.

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Pest Spectrum

SIVANTO® prime offers protection to a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, plantation and defined broadacre crops.